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Fauxever Etched

Specializing in Hand Carved and Etched Artisan Glassware designs

At Fauxever Etched, we are focused on providing beautiful creative and representative works of art with the highest attention to detail into each piece we create for every client. We also have strong ties to the military

with Mick being a medically retired veteran from the Army and a daughter who is active duty, so it is close to our heart to honor and create custom works of art for our military and their families. For our active military and our veterans we offer a 15% discount on individual items and on bulk orders of 10 or more items we offer a 25% discount.

"Art created for the cause to help paws."

The idea for the creation of the "Furever Etched" glassware collection came out of Laurie's deep desire to advocate for, to help protect, and to bring awareness to the cause and need to save Pit Bulls. With growing Breed Specific Legislation and Pit Bull Prejudice which can make it extremely difficult for families to take in and sometimes keep their beloved Pit Bulls. Each year, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized, approximately 40% of whom are Pit Bulls. This means that nearly half a million Pit Bull-type dogs are killed in shelters annually. Of all the common dog types to appear in shelters, Pit Bulls are by far the most likely to be euthanized, while they’re only the third most likely to be adopted.

This is beyond unacceptable to us and all who love animals and in particular the Pit Bull breed. Learning these facts and looking at all the Pit Bull pictures posted by animal rescues she was deeply troubled and saddened by these precious innocent animals and the pleading in their eyes to save them from that fate. Wanting to do something to help them, she was Inspired to honor and memorialize these precious lives needlessly lost, by hand carving their portraits on glassware creating the Furever etched glassware line and with each glass sold we will donate 20 to 35% of the proceeds to animal shelters and rescues that we will be partnering with.

What sets our work apart:

Our Carved glass projects are uniquely created by hand. We create and add multiple layers of carving and shading in our work through sandblasting the glass to give it depth and dimension you can feel; Our single layer surface etching is also sandblasted which creates a smooth uniform finish in the design.

We do NOT use any chemical brush-on process nor do we machine and laser-etch. 

Our beverage glassware's truly are custom functional piece of art for you to enjoy for years to come.